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Kondor’s state-of-the-art warehouse facilities have the capacity to contain and distribute all of your stock with efficiency and expert execution.

Advanced Facilities

Investment into our warehousing has been at the centre of our growth, which is why our state-of-the-art 120,000 square feet warehousing can hold over 28,000 different pallet locations.

As well as investing in our facilities, we are constantly investing in our team. Our pickers and packers use an automated computer system that guides each and every single order, ensuring accuracy and speed for your customers’ orders.

Distribution in Real-Time

We process all the orders we receive in real time, which means that we can be agile with changing demands and different channels. As soon as an order is made by an individual, the products that they have purchased are picked, packed, and posted by our fully automated system.

One hundred thousand units can be moved in one day, making Kondor one of the leading electronic consumer distribution companies in the UK. Our partner retailers can therefore hand over the responsibilities and difficulties of distribution.

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