Product Development

Delivering a range of products into all channels

Design & Manufacture

Kondor’s designers have a wealth of experience as well as creative drive that they can draw from to craft a product from an original idea to completion. Every element of a product’s design is purposefully chosen and sourced by us for its strength and aesthetics.

Working only with the highest quality of manufacturers, our Hong Kong office manages quality testing, safety standards, and ensures every product is manufactured with excellence.

Testing & Standards

Before products even leave the manufacturers, they are tested rigorously to ensure that they meet safety and operational standards. The European Regulations and the British Safety Standards guide us when we examine all products, but we always make sure that we exceed them.

One further stage of testing exists to make certain of the customers’ satisfaction: our in-house technicians, who carefully examine the products for quality control.

We create tailored product development solutions for you: to fit your brief, or from our market insight.

To Fit A Brief

Combining a brief with our market knowledge, we source high quality manufacturers and can design products from scratch to meet with our partners’ exacting standards. White label branding allows the products to seamlessly merge with existing products, and we even handle and distribute the stock directly to your customers.

To Fill A Market Gap

With our understanding of trends and technologies, we can develop a new idea for you based on a gap in the product market. By suggesting product solutions, we can ensure our retailer partners offer a comprehensive range of products to their consumers.

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